concerned about server

souvik 2 years ago updated by Anton Baur 2 years ago 2

I am a layman.1 have near 900GB of Rabindra Nath Tegor's and other authors book in  PDF format. each book contains 5 gb file size, can I use this application to upload the books and read those. please reply.



My system configuration,

i5 6th gen

16 gb ram

512x4=2tb ssd.

windows 10 

You should be able to with little hassle. 


Hi souvik,

When you read something, the Ubooquity server-engine preloads always only 2 Pages ahead and convert it into a graphic.

If the Page contains only text, the conversion is very fast - if the Page contains pictures too, the conversion take some time.. and the PDF-structure is as well a time-using factor : complicated structures need some time to convert... 

Maybe the initialization library scan could take some time, but after that, it will run as fast as possible - with your configuration it should be fast - depending on the content stuff (only-text or much text and graphics) ...

Beste regards !