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I am wondering if it's possible to add support for easier navigation between chapters of the same comic. This is especially an annoyance for japanese manga which I scan and organize in the same way they are released, which is by chapter rather than volumes (complete books). This means that every 15 to 20 pages of reading forces me to exit the "book" and select the next one. Some titles have hundreds of chapters so this really breaks the flow when deciding to binge read a series.

I think the most convenient would be simply to proceed to page 1 of the next comic. For example in the following directory structure:

- manga

-- example_manga_1

--- example_manga 001.cbz

--- example_manga 002.cbz

--- example_manga 003.cbz

-- example_manga_2

--- example_manga_2 001.cbz

--- example_manga_2 002.cbz

let's say each 001.cbz contains 20 pages, instead of blocking at page 20 of 001.cbz, clicking the arrow to the next page would proceed to page 1 of 002.cbz.

This may not be desired for traditional western comics or books however so maybe only have it as a on/off option per root directory under the comics admin page?

Thanks for the consideration.

This would be fantastic. At the moment when I download huge swaths of chapters I just edit the cbr/cbz files to include a bunch of chapters into a single volume to make it easier to read, but the above solution would be better. Along with an icon to indicate what's already been read or not.


Already planed:


But still not at the top of the todo list for the reasons already listed in the linked thread.