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I have issues to instal ubooquity.

I have instaled JAVA8, on my DS 212 DSM 6,  with success, it answer at the command, Putty: java -version. (I hoper it is enought)

I have follwed some tuto and no way to launch ubooquity.

I have installed ubooquity 2.1.1, the file ubooquity.conf.


start on started httpd-laurent stop on runlevel [06]

exec /var/packages/Java8/target/j2sdk-image/bin/java -jar -Xmx1024m /var/packages/Ubooquity/Ubooquity.jar -port 2202 -webadmin -workdir "/volume1/web/Ubooquity"

the user is  laurent do I have to put http-laurent or just laurent?

Mu directory of comics cbr, cbz is in /volume1/comics/ and the files of ubooquity are in :volume1/web/

other question is how to geenrate ubooquity.pid file and what put inside?


I have also installed throught launching task i put in the file ubooquity.sh

#============================================ #     Ubooquity # description: upstart job configuration file for automatically #   starting ubooquity when syno starts # title  :ubooquity.conf # date  :16 05 2017 # version : 2.0.2 (tested for ubooquity version...) # original source: ubooquity forum about special characters #   


description "start/stop Ubooquity" author "Elouan Le Bretton" version "Ubooquity Version 2.0.2; java version 1.8.0_121 "

# automatically start ubooquity after webserver has been started # DSM 5.0 = httpd-user (apache); DSM 6.0 = nginx start on started nginx

# stop ubooquity on stop on runlevel [06]

# Automatically respawn if ubooquity stops unexpetedly respawn respawn limit 5 500 # expect stop [this seems to be expected sometime but requires testing to be sure)

# run the scripts as the 'http' user; because running as root (the default) is a bad idea. setuid http laurent

script  # installation settings JAVA_BIN=/var/packages/Java8/target/j2sdk-image/bin/java PCKG_BIN=/var/packages/Ubooquity/Ubooquity.jar WORK_DIR=/volume1/web/.Ubooquity # app settings PORT=2202 ADMINPORT=2203 MEM=512m

# This ensures that ubooquity reads special characters properly #export LC_ALL=fr_FR.utf8 export LANG=fr_FR.utf8

#Command line for launching ubooquity echo "Starting the Ubooquity server" $JAVA_BIN -jar $PCKG_BIN --adminport $ADMINPORT --libraryport $PORT --workdir $WORK_DIR --remoteadmin --headless & UBOOQUITY_PID=$! echo $UBOOQUITY_PID > $PID_FILE echo "The server has been started with pid $UBOOQUITY_PID ."

  exit 0

is my parameter are correct ????

thanks in advance


else my 2202 port are open.


you have to make a choice: either launch ubooquity

  • using upstart calling ubooquity.conf script in /etc/init/ubooquity.conf
  • using task manager calling ubooquity.sh script

Then since you seem to use the upstart script and you use  dsm 6, you should put

start on started nginx

and not

start on started httpd (by the way I don't believe it works with httpd-laurent..... )

if you want to use the task manager, use the sh script that is given in the help

install on synology


is the work dir design directory where ubooquity.jar is or where the comics(cbr, cbz) are?

not work anyway!

regarding ubooquity.pid ?

... I don't understand your problem: can you put the script you are using here and where you save that script?

I have no script until sh, or conf file, the sh file is in directory /volume1/web/, the conf file is in directory /etc/init/

Just to add information, when I lauch ubooquity.conf in ssh, the result of start ubooquity.conf is :

uboquity start/runing, process 21901.

that seems to me the ubooquity runing with Java


what run finally on my DS 212

in the task planificator:

# installation settings
# app settings
# This ensures that ubooquity reads special characters properly
 export LANG
# Main command for ubooquity
 exec "$JAVA_DIR/java" -Dfile.encoding=$ENCO -Xmx$MEM -jar $PCKG_DIR/$PCKG_BIN --libraryport $PORT --workdir "$WORK_DIR"  --adminport $ADMINPORT --remoteadmin --headless

I think I can increase the size of the ram but not sure.

If somebody can give me the ram size for DS212?