Kindle Feature idea

Stephen Hill 6 years ago updated by Tom 3 years ago 5
How about adding a means to send the book via email from the web front end; this would be great for Kindle users!
Under review
I understand how it would be useful for Kindle owners, but it won't happen for the following reasons:

1- It would require a lot of work for an operation which can be done (although not as easily) by downloading the book (usually a small file) and sending it by email with your usual email app or website.

2- This is a Kindle specific feature. I prefer to work on "generic" features that can be used by all devices. Moreover, Amazon hardware and file formats (azw, mobi) are closed and undocumented, working on them is painful.


I know it has only been a couple of years since this suggestion, but was interested if there has been any thought to incorporating the 'send to kindle" feature?

Yes, it is Kindle only, but the number of kindle ereader devices out there probably rival android/epub devices.

And is it a 'mobi/azw3' issue in any way? The sendtoemail is just picking a file and sending it, isn't it?

In any case, Ubooquity is a fantastic program, but those I share my books with are actually split kindle/android users and those kindle folks are bugging me about this!!


The thing is, during those two years, my backlog kept growing.

So I now have even more features I want/need to implement before considering system specific features.

And the two reasons explained above still stand (although you're right about the file format having no impact on the feature).

So I'll decline again, sorry.

Stephen Hill, you can use the comic to kindle convertor on Windows or OSX to to the conversion then email the books to your Kindle address. The convertor is Python based. Ubooquity is Java so including the code would be a little tricky.