How to fix comics that have no cover and web reader says they have 0 pages

DOS76 2 years ago updated 2 years ago 2

I recently have been adding the Complete Marvel Chronology to my setup and I'm having problems with a few issues that show no cover and in details say they have 0 pages I can both access the files locally from CDisplayEX and download them from Ubooquity but the web interface won't play nice with them is there anyway I can fix them and have it see them correctly?


For this kind of comics, I unzip/unrar the cbz/cbr files, convert existing images into jpg with imageMagic, rebuild a cbz/cbr and then rescan the comic by ubooquity. Quite a long process, I would be interested in the solution others have identified.


Files are already in jpg format could the naming of the files inside the archive have anything to do with it? I compared them to FF6 which works fine and the two that don't show up correctly in Ubooquity and those use FF-V1-008-01 thru FF-V1-008-36 compared to FF006_01 format