Hangup on Admin Page

mccorkled 2 years ago updated by Brain Node 2 years ago 4

I recently installed the LinuxServer Docker for Ubooquity. I am new to Docker and this NAS so I am unsure as to how to find the logs, but I am getting a hang up on the Admin page. It's my understanding that a password needs to be generated first, and when I go to and enter a password, the blue loading circle comes up and then never goes away.

Hi mccorkled,

on your screenshot is the stop-symbol from Adblock - did you create a exlude rule for your ubooquity server ?

Hope that helps 

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Thank you for the reply. I turned it completely off this morning to see if that made a difference, and since that address does not have any popups, it didn't. The blue circle is still spinning.


I am also getting this.
Opening the dev console shows this when submitting the admin password:

Error: c is undefined

Guys, don't use slash at the end! just admin without /