Ubooquity as Windows Service via NSSM

RG9400 5 years ago updated by D G 11 months ago 2

I am trying to get ubooquity to work with NSSM on Windows 10, but I've had no luck. It works perfectly using the jar file, and I have created a shortcut to that in my startup folder. Unfortunately, it does not launch at boot, only when I log in, so I would still like to see how to get it to work as a Windows Service 

Try a program called AlwaysOn. This allows you to run any program as a service with auto start.

I previously had Ubooquity setup in Windows 10 using NSSM and the service recently broke.  Luckily I left myself notes on how it was configured:

-First install the service via CMD using NSSM:

nssm.exe install Ubooquity "C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.8.0_191\bin\java.exe" "-jar c:\ubooquity\ubooquity.jar" --headless

-Edit the service via CMD using NSSM:

nssm edit Ubooquity

-Edit the folders/values to the following:



-jar c:\Ubooquity\Ubooquity.jar --headless

-Save then open Windows Services, locate Ubooquity and confirm that it is set to one of the "Automatic" Startup types.


Note that folder paths may need to be changed based on your configuration, especially the Java folder version may need to be changed depending on the version of java being used.  

Also note that I have used the "--headless" switch in this example.  Other switches may be used in place of or after the headless switch.  A