cbz =/= zip

Mai 2 years ago updated by Tom 2 years ago 1

I know adding .zip and .rar support has already been declined but I feel like this is the one thing preventing this software from being perfect for my use case.

Although in principle all comics should be renamed as .cbz to make them distinct from standard archives, the reality is that 99% of the digital comics you download whether they be from legitimate or illegitimate sources are packaged as .zip.

This makes automation not really an option for Ubooquity which is a shame because the user experience is so fantastic as is.

I think a lot of people just want to have a folder ONLY for their comics and are happy with all .cbz and .zip alike to be treated as comics.

If allowing .zip as a format is never going to be permitted, could some kind of script or option be implemented to scan the directory and rename every .zip to .cbz?