Ubooquity no longer displaying subfolders

Daniel Schuldt 2 years ago updated by Anton Baur 2 years ago 3

I have been using Ubooquity for two years now and it has always been a great companion and awesome piece of software.

Yesterday I updated to Version 2.1.1 on my QNAP TS-453b-Mini and now run into the problem that while scanning the folders I point Ubooquity to and finding comics, magazines, etc. nothing can be found in the library view which is just empty despite the scan saying it added several thousand files.

While playing around I was able to narrow down the problem to subfolders.

My Comics are organized in a folder that has different subfolders for the series (e.g. Jackboot & Ironheel #01-04 (Complete)) that then hold the individual files. In the past this structure was never a problem and I could navigate through the folder structure without a hitch. Now it seems to be the case that the comics appear only in the library view if I point Ubooquity to the exact subfolder that holds the single files.

Am I missing any settings? I really do not want to point Ubooquity to hundreds of individual folders plus I loved that the library view basically copied my folder system which made things look nice and clean.

Thanks to everyone in advance for your help!

Hi again Daniel,

Im shure your folder structure isnt your problem - did you update via QPKG or just replace the Ubooquity.jar ? 

i've updated Ubooquity since the first releace of 2.x and had some issues with the remaining old 1.x program files ... 

If you just update the jar-file, the database format has changed and cannot be used by 2.x .

If you update via QPKG, uninstall it and install it "fresh" again - but after both methods, you have still to fresh setup your library directorys - with absolute paths (again) -> take a deeper look again at : 


hope that helps ! 

best regards 


PS: how stable is your current firmware on your TS-453b-mini ? I have a TS-453mini (1st Edition) an lot's of trouble ( like many other)  with the firmwares newer than April 2018, so my current Firmware release is which runs almost stable... 

Hey Toni,

thanks for the quick reply.

I updated from 2.1.0 to 2.1.1 via Stefan's qpkg-file. I have now tried uninstalling and making a fresh install but the problem persists. Absolute paths have been in use before and are in use now so this does not seem to be the problem either.


I have no problems with it and it is fairly stable but I think it is a second edition if I am not mistaken. It acts weird with Plex sometimes but this might also be Plex's problem not the QNAP. I will however switch to a TVS-871-i7-16G this week - yay!

Hello Daniel,

first let me congratulate to your new TVS-871 - yay, its a very fine piece of HW ..

and now lets go on @ your problem : there may be some relevant checkboxes :

Did you test it enabled/ disabled? Maybe here's the problem found ... ? 

Sometimes the installation of Stefans qpkg goes deeply wrong, i check always after doing an uninstall via Bitvise SSH the complete uninstall (here the default path for the QNAP-Ubooquity-folder : /share/CACHEDEV1_DATA/.qpkg/UbooQuity 

Move temporaly all files below the Ubooquity-Folder into /tmp , reinstall Ubooquity via qpkq and check again... 

Best regard !