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Feature Request: Comicrack Bookmark API

rupp 2 years ago updated by Tom 1 year ago 6

First of all thank you for developing this awesome piece of software and providing it to us all!

I have a feature request, concerning the comicrack metadata of the cbr/cbz files.

Those files do not only contain metadata in general about the comic, but it's also possible to add specific data about a page in the comic. The most interesting of those is the 'bookmark' tag, please do not confuse this with your 'continue reading' feature. It is used for marking certain pages with names, mostly for chapterization, but also for marking certain parts like the table of contents etc.

Those informations could be interesting for skipping to certain parts of a comic, so I think it would be great to make them available via some interface.

For a documentation on how this looks inside the comicinfo.xml, you can refer to this page


however it should be added that there can be more page specific info, so there may be some pages present in the xml that don't have any ninformation for the server.

Also, as a more general idea, I think such a feature exists for any book format you support on your server (ebooks, pdf etc, at least my kindle and adobe seem to recognize some breakpoints), so maybe a universal API  for that could be interesting, but this is far beyond my request and interest.

Sorry for bumping this, but is there a reason for getting no answer? Please ask if there are some misunderstandings.
Under review

There is a reason: lack of time.

Sometimes I miss posts. And I often fail to find the time to answer them.

Your idea is indeed interesting. But there are already a lot of feature in my backlog.


Of course, I can see that when looking at the forum ^^

Thank you for considering it. While we're at it, is it still out of the question to open source the project? This would lift some issues of your shoulders, I would love to help with this issue, possibly with others too.

Yes, still no. :)

Ubooquity is a hobby where I can code what I want, when I want.

Open sourcing it would mean reviewing and merging pull requests, discussing features, kind of managing people... A bit too close to what I already do for a living.

And that's without talking about the loss of control over the code, perhaps having concurrent forks...

In a word, it would remove most of the fun out of the project for me.

What I'm trying to do though, is to find and implement ways to make Ubooquity more extensible (at the moment by implementing full html theming), so that people can adapt it to their preferences.

I would like it to use comicinfo.xml too.

to make my request more clear, the easiest way to implement it would be to share the according comicinfo.xml for every comic in the opds feed.

It can probably be done the same way the singular images inside the cbz/cbr are shared.