Not a bug

Scanner freezes on specific PDF

Noah Haskell 8 years ago updated by Tom 8 years ago 4

Hello, I'm trying to import a collection of PDFs, howerver the obooquity scanner thread seems to freeze up while scanning a specific file, Dragon Magazine #78. I can send a copy of this file to someone if they would like to examine it.

This happened to me quite a few times because of memory issue: java was issuing memory exceptions. I had to kill ubooquity, delete the pdf file, and relaunch ubooquity

The workaround that I've find to import those files anyway is to convert pdf into cbz: I've never had any memory issues with cbz

Elouan's suggestion is correct. Converting to cbz is the best solution, but if Dragon Magazine is an eBook you should use Calibre to convert it to the epub format or use pdfaid (http://www.pdfaid.com/repair-pdf-file.aspx) if you really want to keep the PDF.

The PDF fixing tool worked great, Thank you!