Lots of problems after switching to 2.1 from 1.x

Graham Wheeler 2 years ago updated by Graham Wheeler 2 years ago 2

I'm on Ubuntu 18. I was running Ubooquity 1.x for a long time with no issues but decided to try v2.1.

First thing I notice is that the web interface says I need to add folders, so its clearly not picking up the old database.

Second thing I notice is that if I click on "Library", "Admin Screen", or "Open log folder", nothing happens; and if I then try to quit Ubooquity I get an "application isn't responding message" So any of those seem to just lock it up.

Third thing I notice: if I go to the admin port from a browser I just get an error:

Problem accessing /. Reason:

Could not find matching provider (wrong URL)

Back to 1.x for me.

Hi Graham,

it's just your second post, and it look like that you doesnt read the basic v2.x manual : 

- first of all, the database from v1.x isnt 1:1 compatible with v2.x, so you have to rescan your library.

- before that, you must install a x64 version of Java - you just described a problem that occurs only with x86 Java.

And now, here is my recommendation to help you : 

- if you want to use your old settings, you can do this job ONLY by manually edit the config.file ( just a bad idea!) -> 

  but it's very easy to start over with fresh re-set your config in the admin page
   (http://yourip:2203, you remember from the manual describe the new startup call -> please say honestly just "no" ?)


- and here ist the next problem : how did you start the 2.x version? the old startup call doesnt work ...

give v2.x a chance by starting without any old file "crap" in your installation directory (and please -> RT(F)M)  ... 

that doesnt mean to clean your content, only remove/move out the old 1.x program files or install v2.x in an different folder than v1.x ... 

Tom has doing a very good job on 1.x and does an even better job on 2.x - it runs here for me and my guys/ladies with now nearly 100.000 PDF-files and in the meantime with 38 simultaneously active (but each different to other) user account without any bugs or problems -> on a QNAP TS453mini with only 4GB Ram allocated.

Before that, I used v1.x here and i tried it like you to "just migrate/update to v2.x", but honestly : that's no so easy going,..

After trying it (and stay nearly howling with anger) for some days, i decide to start absolutely fresh with an different blank installation directory and only the new uboquity.jar - and voila, just after 30 mins (except the waiting time for uboquity scanning the content, that takes 1 day) it runs nearly perfect til today ...   

hope that helps you out ! 

best regards from munich - only 4 days and the rest of today left to Oktoberfest/ Wiesn 2018  <|8-'} 


I copied the ubooquity.jar to an empty directory and started it with no additional arguments. I still have the problem I described. For the record, the java version I am using is 1.8.0_181 64-bit.