Is it possible to import books from *.inpx file?

Probity 2 years ago updated by Tom 2 years ago 3


I have QNAP-563 NAS with installed Ubooquity and local flibusta.org library. That library has a lot of zip-archives, all of them have 240+Gb as a size and *.inpx file with the description of the content. On my local PC, I can and search through the library using MyHomeLib app, and I can do the same using FreeLib app on my MacBook Pro. But I'd like to create a kind of network library with OPDS supporting and use it through the web as well using my NAS with Ubooquity.

Well, the question is: Is it possible to convert and share this library with Ubooquity somehow?



Hello Probity,

I haven't been able to find much information about flibusta or inpx files (all the pages were in Russian, a language I can't read).

But in any case, Ubooquity has been designed around the concept of one file per book. So unless you can convert your library into individual (epub/PDF/...) files, using Ubooquity for your library will not be possible.

Hello Tom,

Thank you for your rapid answer. That's clear for me now. So pity.

Well, I may suggest a new great feature then - supporting archives (zip-archives at least). Storing a lot of books in archives make sense for saving HDD-space. Those archives of the library I've described have the simplest structure - just a lot of *.fb2- books packed into archives, with no subfolders:

I guess it's not a big deal to make Ubooquity be able to scan archives like this one, with adding information from the "description" section of *fb2-file into the database and unpack (or export) certain books on demand if necessary.


It's not that easy to do. Like I said, Ubooquity has been designed to work with files. What you propose is to "mount" a zip as you would mount any other filesystem.

It would entail too many modifications in my code.

By the way, all book and comics formats are already compressed (a lot of them are already zip files named differently). Storing a lot of them in a big zip file will not save much space.