2.1.1. Performance Issues

osuhickeys 2 years ago 0

I have been having performance issues since upgrading to 2.x.  Everything inside my network works fine, but accessing externally is extremely slow and never fully loads pages.  After logging in, all authors are listed on the first page, but all book covers are blank.  In about 30 seconds 25% of them populate. At about 60 seconds 50% of them are populated.  The rest never finish loading.

I am running jre1.8.0_181 on Windows 10.0.17134.285.  I am running Ubooquity 2.1.1.  I do not see any errors in the Ubooquity logs  I am running Caddy as my reverse proxy.  I did not have these issues when running 1.x on the same machine with Caddy.  I have several other apps exposed externally with Caddy and they all are running OK.

Not quite sure what to try at this point.