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Jbugman1 2 years ago updated by willis 2 years ago 5


Long time user of this software for my extensive PDF library.

Apart from the usual memory problems, the ONLY thing what would really make my day would be the ability to theme or allow hooks for us to theme

I seem to recall reading somewhere that this may happen soon? How soon is soon? Winter is coming and i’m needing something to keep me going......

Thank you Tom!


Hello Jbugman,

What kind of theme do you have in mind ?

You can already theme Ubooquity with custom CSS and image.

If you mean full HTML structure theming, that is still in development but will definitely be part of one of the next releases as I will rely on it to modify the UI myself to add read/unread support on books.

you have hit the nail on the head, full html themeing.

Whilst I won’t hold you to it, is this release

Looking likely anytime soon?

Thank you

Still many months away.

understood, thank you

I was wondering this same thing. I'm new to ubooquity after failed Plex attempts, but love that I can edit the theme! I did notice a lack of tags though. Even just having more id's and classes to target would be helpful, but I'm not complaining lol. Now I just need to figure out how to access it from everywhere.