directory scan hangs on two files

Noah Haskell 2 years ago updated by Tom 2 years ago 4

I've got a problem where the scanner hangs on a couple of my files (literally just 2 out of thousands). It just doesn't progress and gives me no new error messages, just saying that it's attempting to scan the files. I can send you the files if that would help you discover why it's freezing.

1st solution-attempt for this problem :  

are these pdf or cbr/cbz ? 

- If PDF, just open it and check their PDF-properties - if there protected, try to unprotect them - or open it and just try to print it to an pdf-printer.. 

- If CBR/CBZ, just unpack these into an separate folder, zip / rar the extracted files again, then rename the new .zip-/.rar-files to .cbz / .cbr .

after all, try to scan these files again ... 

hope that helps !

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If the solution provided by TierParkToni doesn't work, upload them somewhere and send me the link, I'll take a look.

tom at vaemendis dot net

I rezipped the files (changing them from cbr to cbz) and they worked, but I would like to know why the files cause ubooquity to freeze up, so I've emailed them to Tom. Thanks!


I tested the files you sent me and reproduced your problem.

They trigger an infinite loop (hence the scan hang) in the library used by Ubooquity to unrar the files. This loop is a consequences of a few fixes I had applied to this library.

After reverting to the "official" Junrar version, the scan doesn't hang anymore (although the files can't be read either, there is definitely something wrong with them).

So I'll go back to the "official" Junrar in the next release as I can't control the consequences of the modifications I applied (I did not write them myself so I won't maintain them).