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does ubooquity have to rescan all folders on startup??

David Moninger 2 years ago updated by CraftyClown 2 years ago 3

new to ubooquity....
i have a huge library on google drive... and it seems like it has to rescan all the items every time i scan the library or start/restart the server... takes days... is there a way to tell it not to scan already scanned folders?


edit- i do now see an option to uncheck 'scan library on startup'... is there then a way to scan individual libraries or folders after that's unchecked (can't really check atm want this endless scan to end/finish : )

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Hi David,

when Ubooquity performs a scan, it checks the last modification date of all the files contained in shared folders.

If this date is different from the date stored in Ubooquity internal database (or if the file is new), then Ubooquity will extract the cover and the metadata from the file.

But the scan is global, there is no way to scan only one of the folders you shared.

I want to jump in here on this one as well. I too am having my entire collection scanned from the top each time I reload Ubooquity and am also accessing them from google drive (I have it mounted with rclone) 

The entry in the log file for each comic reads;

20190105 19:32:35 [Scanner thread] INFO com.ubooquity.data.feeder.a - Regenerating cover thumbnail for /home/craftyclown/Skull/Comics/100 Bullets (1999)/100 Bullets 001 (1999).cbr

@Tom you say the scanner is checking the modification date of the files, but is there anything else that could be causing the regeneration of the cover thumbnails? As it stands and scan of the collection will take several days to complete.

Just to add, it is taking exactly the same amount of time to regenerate the cover thumbnail as it does to do the initial scan of the comic.