list of genres, titles, authors

angobango 2 years ago updated by Tom 2 years ago 1


i love ubooquity so far!

i am organizing and tagging my collection and have to put more than 10k books in my library. so i thought it would presumably be sort of difficult for someone to navigate through all the files and explore what's in it.

is there a chance to get a list of e.g. all available genres in the library and show only the books containing this tag, when clicking on a specific genre? i mean something like a menue 'Discover' and then it shows three lists, for the available genres, titles and authors, sorted alphabetically.

i'm aware that they can simply search for a genre to get the exact same results, but sometimes you're not looking for something specific and would rather prefer to see an overview what's in it and then choose something from the offered items. 

if you could implement something like that it would be great!




Hi Angelo,

I like this idea so I have added it to my backlog. :)

But as usual, don't expect it soon. The backlog is big...