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[Read EPUB] Content within double curly braces is not displayed

Chris LeMarshall 2 years ago updated by Tom 2 years ago 2

Browsers tested: Firefox v64.0 64bit; Chrome 71.0.3578.98 64bit;

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Read any EPUB book that contains content within double curly braces e.g. Fullstack Vue

Expected result: The content is displayed correctly.

Actual result: Neither the curly braces nor the content within are displayed.

Suspected cause: AngularJS is attempting to evaluate the content as interpolation using its own template engine.

Suggested fix:

<code ng-non-bindable>
    Code snippet containing {{curly.braces}} here

P.S. I love Ubooquity. Thank you for all of your hard work =)

Under review

Thanks for the bug report and the fix info !

I'll test the fix and try to include it in the next version of Ubooquity.