Wrong cover and file

Eien 3 weeks ago • updated 3 weeks ago 2

Hello guys,

I have been faced with a rather strange problem. 2 of the PDF that I downloaded are with covers "Ici Paris" of February, 2018 while I have never downloaded this file. If I make "Read" it loads me this file from "wtf path" but when I DL on my desktop it is the good one. On the other hand if I open it in Raw files from Ubooquity it is this file Ici Paris which opens



When I make "read" it's load this unknown file



When I make DL and when it's open in Firefox I have this strange file:


But if I make right click and to download on my desktop it is OK.

I have make a clear books database unsuccessfully. I connected in SSH but I do not see where is this famous file. It is freaking out:)

Words from Tom from a other case : 

" I don't know exactly what happened, but your database file definitely seems unusable. :(

If you want to make a test before getting rid of it, you can rename it (after stopping Ubooquity) in case you want to restore it later: the file is named "ubooquity-5.mv.db". "

(found @ : https://ubooquity.userecho.com/communities/1/topics/734-everything-was-working-great-then- )

Still the same issue