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Pagination : "last page" doesn't work as expected

Bob ArdKor 5 years ago updated 4 years ago 4

I'm beginning to have a huge collection, and I've noticed that the "last page" doesn't actually go to the last page, but to the n+10th page. Is this intended? I'd rather have separate buttons for "next", "+10" and "last".

Thanks anyway for this awesome piece of software, it's immensely useful.

This is probably poor etiquette, but since I didn't get an answer, I'm going to go ahead and bump my own topic :-/

Under review

The "+10" is indeed by design.

If you want to go to a specific page, click on the page number (middle of the top bar) and select its number on the pop-up menu.

To see the last page you can also just revert the display order in the options.

Oh okay, thanks for the answer. I never noticed I could click on the page number.

I still feel it should be three different buttons, but I guess I can live with that