Directory description.

ConteZero 🇩🇪 2 years ago updated 2 years ago 1

Ubooquity is great for simple manga directory structure but it's a burden when we move to a larger manga database (you know, I love manga).

Search ".description" (or similar) while browsing directory, if the file is found then the whole directory (and subs) is a "leaf": inside you'll find a single comic repository.

File ".description"  can contain metadata like:

- title

- description (short / long)

- author

- illustrator (shouldn't be here but it's ok)

- arcs (i.e. "from 1 to 15 is Falling sky, from 16 to 67 is Becoming adult etc...)

- genre

- tags

- "see also"

tags, author, illustrator and other fields could be used for "advanced" search.

If ".description" exist then a ".samples" subfolder (with covers and similar stuff) could exist too.

If ".description" exist then a ".extra" subfolder  (with specials, out of order etc) could exist too.

Comic files can be:

- as they already are (duh)

- splitted between folders (like "arc 1", "arc 2", "arc 3" etc)

I know this isn't really easy to do but well, as far as they are just "ideas"... why not ?

You could also add a .profile directory, each file inside would be in the form:

primary.name (for primary characters)


secondary.name (for the rest)

Each file could contain one or more of those fields:

- name

- affiliation (like family, clan, crest, group etc, ...just a text field)

- pics (image file names, inside .samples like VEGETA.JPG)

- description (duh)

- "also seen in"

- other fields (parsed but unused)

The idea is that you read something, a character appears (or is referenced) and you don't exactly remember who he is, what he did or similar stuff... you'll have a character icon on top, click and a list of primary and secondary characters appear (on a different window), here you can see (image) or browse (name) who he is, what's his history and a short description.

Not exactly my kind of stuff but I'm sure a lot of readers (expecially marvel and DC ones) would kill for something like that.