AudioBooks mod

George Baker 12 months ago updated 5 months ago 3

This is an extension of the Audiobooks modification that was posted a year or so ago.

You point the raw files to an AB directory and it changes to an audiobook shower and player.

Working out the files needed for this, as a few mods were done to various files.

As you can see I have added banners to the pages to make them look better (uses banner or defaults to a folder.jpg if no banner.png found. Otherwise no pretty pic if neither are found.

Anyone interested?

Of course you lose the RAW file functionality.


I am doing a Comixology V2 mod for this. What I have so far is this. May look a bit 'crude' but some more styling to come.

I have some annoying things to sort out like hiding the image files. And have to completely restyle the player page to match theme.

thanks for u mod.

i have a little probleme, i put folder audiobook in raw files.ok

but after what is the process to complete the integration with the theme comixology

See the Comixology 2 thread.

You have to edit the Settings.js file and place the AB root folder link there.

Just look through the thread and all should become clear.