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Nested components

I want to ask: How much is the maximum of nested folders? I would need 4 or more. Possible?


Children's Literature - Adventure - Writer's Name - a series of books


Children's Literature - Donned - May Karl - Series Vinnetou

Can you do that? And how?


You can have as many levels of nesting as you want.

Just make sure the grouping option (accessed via the gear at the top left of the page when browsing books or comics) is set to "folders" and not "flat".

It seems to me that I have thoroughly checked your instructions but it does not work.

I'm sending screenshots. The first one is from "Finder". The others are step by step in Ubooquity.









Oh, you mean you want to display several nesting levels on the same screen ? (like in your first screenshot)

If this is the case, Ubooquity is indeed not capable of that.

Ubooquity displays root folders (the one you explicitely share in the admin screen) as text (the black text on grey background, your second screenshot), then all subfolders are displayed using the cover of the first found book/comic in the subfolder (and using the name of the subfolder).

What I meant is that there is no limit on the number of nesting levels you can have in your collection. But you'll have to click 4 times (for instance) to navigate to the 4th level, and have 4 different pages.

Yes, it concerns the embedded folders, as shown in the first image, ie. in Finder in MacOSX.

Why am I talking about it?

Before I started making the catalog of books, I asked myself a question as a reader who came to the library or bookstore: What would I like to read? Writer or some genre? And even a specific genre in professional literature (hobby -> cars). Mostly (90%) is a genre and then a writer.

That's the first thing.

The writers are incredible, and each of them has not only written detectives like "Agatha Christie". The vast majority of writers wrote different genres. E.g. "Jo Nesbo" writes both detectives and children's literature.

Note: The writer is trained in Ubooquity perfectly. Finds all the books of all the genres he wrote. Super! :-)

The second thing is that some books are released in the series as "Stephen King," which wrote horror in particular. He has books in series such as "Enlightenment", "Derry", "Four after midnight", ... And each series has several books. And, of course, he wrote horrors that do not belong to any series, because it's just one book on its own.

The series is given by having one main hero in particular. In each series there is usually another main hero. The series can also relate to the theme. It just depends on the writer.

The third thing. Horrors can be general, but they can be further broken down into detective, historical, sci-fi and fantasy and thrillers.

I sort books by the internet book catalog, which assigns to each book the categories of genres to which the book belongs.

However, if you say that Ubooquity does not know more nested folders (and probably will not), as shown in the first picture, nothing can be done. Either I'm going to think of another sorting mechanism or I'm going to let it go.

Thank you for your idea and work