Weird Behaviour when scanning books

orshak 5 years ago updated 5 years ago 1

I've shared my books in a way that might not be *supported* by Ubooquity from what i gathered from the other topics and i see a strange behaviour.

I've shared :

Books/  with User1 & User 2 having access

Books/SubDirectory User1 only having access

And now, everytime Ubooquity does a scan, it treats the content in Books/Subdirectory as new. But on top of that, sometimes it appears as it's own "root folder" entry, sometimes not.

I'm yet to test if user security is properly enforced or not, but could it be something that's a consequence of the fact Ubooquity don't support "fine graining" User right on subdirectories ?

(just to know if i have more tests to do, or cave in and move out that specific folder out of my main directory tree to make it a standalone one, because i need it to be restricted to a handful of users, when the main one will be accessible to pretty much everyone - and i don't really feel like sharing manually each subcategory in my directory tree, even if i might end up doing exactly that in the end. :)).

Btw, could it be possible in a future update to get 2 ways to set up user permissions ?

- The current one where you set up for each shared folder, the users having access to those folders

- the "reverse" one, allowing to set up which folder(s) a user have access too with checkboxes, from the user security panel ?

Would make it easier to add new users when there is quite some shared folders honestly. ;)

After a bit more extensive tests, it's the fact that there was a subfolder of an alreaday shared folder that created this behaviour.

I ended up sharing my subfolders individually to get a "normal" and working behaviour (it's a bit of a pain because i've got quite a lot of folders to share but it's done now, let's hope i don't have to add too many users :p).

On top of that, there is a similar problem with other libraries.

Like if i share a folder in RAW files that is already shared elsewhere, be it directly or as a subfolder, the content doesn't show up in the Raw files explorer. :(

Makes it a bit more problematic to get things done, but for now i'll probably end up using symlinking to get it to work. :)