ebook reader with opds support on Windows (10)

orshak 5 years ago 0


Anyone out there have a good epub reader for windows that support opds ? (and works with Ubooquity opds off course) ?

I would like one that don't auto add books to it's local "library", just allowing to read books directly from the server like the web viewer allows.

Calibre isn't working for me (it's fugly as Hell, has pretty poor performances, and the less i'm forced to use that thing the better i am, main reason i use Ubooquity and not calibre-web or something like that), and i'm not even sure calibre is a client for opds feeds.

I've tried Freda but in the end, the UI is messy as Hell and it doesn't work like i need.

FB reader has no decent recent release for Windows (the "next new major version" have been under developpement for like 5+ years and there is absolutely no news of them :/).

And it's pretty much all i've found.

As much as i find the Web viewer mostly doing it's job, it's sometimes not exactly what i want, and i would like not to have to use my browser for that when i can avoid it).

All suggestions are welcome. ;)