Question About Ubooquity running from Docker

orshak 1 year ago updated 1 year ago 2

I'm preparing migrating a lot of things on docker to try to get my server looking like i want it too, without being too hold back by debian's packages's age/limitations, or problems with conflicts of dependancies and so on (on top of familiarizing myself with docker), and i've got a question.

The linuxserver.io Ubooquity docker state that the commandline should look like that :

docker create \
--name=ubooquity \
-e PUID=1000 \
-e PGID=1000 \
-e TZ=Europe/London \
-p 2202:2202 \
-p 2203:2203 \
-v /home/Ashareth/config:/config \
-v :/books \
-v :/comics \
-v :/files \
--restart unless-stopped \

And the parameters supported includes the -v path:/books, -v path:/comics, -v path:/files

I was wondering if it meant that i can only define ONE location per -v parameter, and i need to define them for all types, wich would mean, for me, declaring dozens of -v parameters, for each type, or if i can declare the "generic" top level folder for each ( /media/dir) that contains the subfolders books/novels/comics/mangas/.... and so on, to then be able to share any subfolder from inside Ubooquity, properly in the right place ?

I must admit i would like to know that before trying to migrate everything, to avoid too many problems/hassle. 

Any input from people who've already done that are welcome. ;)

Ok after some tests it's what i thought, if i mount a folder in the container, as comics/books/whatever, it's scanned and added in the db... which is something i can't really have. :(

Anyone using Docker knowing how i can work around that to just allow Ubooquity to access the directories i want it too, and then being able to define from the Admin UI/Settings what directories are scanned/shared by Ubooquity ?

I really don't feel like adding 2+ dozens directories in various forms to Ubooquity and being forced to redo the command line each time i add/remove one.... :(

I'm certain there is a way but i've not found it yet. xD

(i'm new to docker and such, it's quite a slow process for now for :/)


To answer my own questions :

- it seems even if not defined, the Ubooquity Docker creates the /books and /comics Volume (pointing to the config directory or something like that, i'm not totally sure).

- you can specify a volume outside any scope and mount it to any mountpoint, it'll be accessible to ubooquity, and you'll then be able to add whatever you want from there.

Note that, by default, Ubooquity scans on startup... meaning if you use a docker volume pointing to a location with lots of files, you'll have a bit of a problem until you fix it. :)

(i ended up stopping the scan, removing the scan on startup, until i fixed and set up Ubooquity as i wanted).

In the end it's working, now moving to other services as docker, to then go back to nightmarish problems when i'll tackle the whole "Reverse Proxy for all services, with let's encrypt cert for all" Task.