Issues with install on CentOS

HoboGoblin 1 year ago updated by DarkShadowSwE 1 year ago 6


Having a couple issues, I just found out about Ubooquity today and so far I love it outside of these issues.

  1. Random server drops: Basically every 30 mins to 1 hour the server goes down and I can't access it anymore, need to SSH in and rerun "java -jar Ubooquity.jar --remoteadmin" to start it back up again.
  2. Server just factory reset itself, I have been adding my libraries one at a time, which are stored on a NAS that I mount to the CentOS VM through fstab. So I would add one, reboot (to ensure that the mount did mount at boot) then organize the files, etc. and then add another. After about 3 libraries I rebooted once more, then when I went to the admin page it prompted me to setup my admin password again... Did so and all my settings, users, everything was gone, was like a fresh install. This wasn't after every reboot mind you, just the 3rd one. But now I'm nervous to reboot again.
  3. Anyway to get this to autostart on boot?

Running on CentOS 7 VM on ESXi host, doubt the issues are related, but just in case. This was a fresh install of the CentOS minimal install, no GUI (which is why I'm using --remoteadmin), only other thing installed on this VM is Java 1.8.0 and openssh.

It just happened again, disconnected, have a constant ping running and the server is not going down, but when I SSH back in it isn't running anymore and I have to restart it.

Update, happens every 10 mins it looks like, I noticed my SSH connection drops at the same time, so may be that the java file is running from that login instance and when that drops it closes the server, I am testing this now through VMWare console and running in from there to see if it's stable and for how long.

New update, so far server has been stable since not running it through SSH, but just noticed the server wipe happened again. Only this time instead of wiping it to factory default, it wiped it to an earlier version with only 1 library, very frustrating, is there some way to save state of everything so I don't keep loosing all the work I'm doing?

How much RAM have u given the vm?, sounds like the OS thinks the process is to demanding and kills it maby? 

It was for sure an SSH issue, but the only remaining issue is all the settings being wiped whenever the VM reboots now. I've made 100 changes in the last 2 weeks and just had to do a restart to increase RAM from 4GB to 8GB as issues weren't loading I guess because I had too much in there.

Anyways after the reboot, yet again it reset everything to the day of first install, only shows 3 libraries, even though I should have 6 and now it's rescanning 1000+ comics as though they are all newly added since the reboot just 10 mins ago.

Is there a proper way to shut down to retain this information?

Not sure if relevant, but I did just notice the Ubooquity.jar is still stored in /tmp/ where I downloaded it from, could running it from there be an issue?

Ye, start with moving the folder out of tmp, that dir gets cleaned by the OS from time to time. 

How do you launch ubooquity?, does your CentOS run a GUI version?