Cant connect with Chunky

Jaylie 1 year ago updated by DarkShadowSwE 1 year ago 12

Hello all,

I have been browsing through multiple topics, but I cant find the answer. If I go to I can see all my Comics. If I go my Chunky app, and add, it just says: 'Connection failed. 

What do I do here?

Thanks, Joey

You need to enable the opds feed for each category (Comics/Books/Raw).

It's in the settings page, on top of the comics tab, on top of the Books Tab, and on top of the Raw Files Tab normally.

I have that enabled of course :) Or am I missing something?

On top of the Comics Tab, I only see the following:

Seems right, dont got any iProducts so cant test. 

But if u visit: , u get an xml output? 

If I go to on my PC, I get the following:

If I go to on my iPad, nothing happens. Should I get something there aswell? Could it be a Port thing in the Router or something? I dont get it :/

I get the same results on my PC and phone so it should be the same for you, are u connected to the same wifi and not a guest network or something? should give u the comics on the ipads/iphones web browser (safari), right? 

If I go to on my iPhone in Safari, nothing happens :/

I should be in the same network.

Ethernet PC:

Wifi iPhone:

I even put a Wifi USB in my PC, and it gave But still, nothing happens when I try to reach/connect that IP-adres with my mobile devices.

I can however, connect from my PC -> iPad. Strange!

Ok, then the last and only logical explination i got left is that your firewall on your PC blocks the iPhone from connecting, are you using windows firewall?

Yes, you are a hero! I disabled that, and know my iPad can connect to :)

Only thing left is, how can I add Chunky/Ubooquity to my list of apps? 

Thanks for you help!

P.S.: Most odd thing happened; iPhone can connect to, iPad suddenly can't :/ Ah well, I know where to look now :)

np, :), hah, yeah, thats weird, maby iPhone got whitelisted, but opening the port should fix any problem, ^^