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Invalid Zip file on Windows 7 & 10

Bobby Hill 9 years ago updated by Tom 9 years ago 5

I have tried versions 1.8.2 , 1.8.1 and 1.8.0 but they all come up at an invalid zip file when I try to open them. Is there some step that I'm missing?

I have verified that I have the latest version of java, not that this should matter for opening a zip file.

Finally got a successful download. It took 9 times, but it's finally there.

try this one.....7zip


Nice article. Has nothing to do with the download itself being corrupt though.

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The only case of corrupted zip file that I have seen in the past is for files over 2 GB (there is a thread about this problem in this forum somewhere). Other than that, there is no reason the file should be corrupted, they are sent "as they are" over the network.

My guess would be that you have an network or OS issue somewhere.