Admin page reloads when putting in correct password

ds8k 1 year ago updated 1 year ago 1

I've got Ubooquity running on a FreeNAS 11.2 machine. Everything appears to be working fine except for when I attempt to log into the admin area on any machine except for the one I used to configure Ubooquity. I put my password in, hit LOG IN, and then the page reloads.

If I go to the page on my MBP I'm automatically signed in. Does this mean my password is wrong somehow? Are there logs that tell me about unsuccessful log in attempts?

EDIT: I just tried "changing" the admin password by deleting the webadmin.cred file and nothing changed. I can still access the admin page just fine on my MBP, but if I open the page up in an incognito window I'm greeted with a sign in page. Putting in the password I have stored in 1Password causes the page to reload.

As usual it was user error. I forgot that I moved my working folder to a different location but left the old one there. Working as expected now!