How To Get Search Working With Moon+ Reader?

BK Reader2 1 year ago updated 1 year ago 1

Hi everyone, I recently set up my own book server with ubooquity and it's been a really nice change of pace. I use the Kuboo app on my Android device for reading comics and I really enjoy the experience but I don't feel the same about using the app to read e-books.

I'd rather use my default reading app Moon+ Reader but I'm having a few hiccups. I've configured my library to be accessible but the app doesn't show any search function like it does with other net libraries making it a difficult to naviage with. Also covers don't show with the books although downloading locally works fine. 

Any help with this would be appreciated. 

So I googled a bit and saw that this is a recurring issue. Apparently it has to do with when the server is protected with account access. 

Enabling guest access shows both covers and the search function without issue.