Ubooquity 2.1.2 on synology ds418play

kuk 1 year ago updated by John Black 11 months ago 2


I face a pb running ubooquity : i do the same that explained on the help to instal ubooquity on syno if i ask for the status of ubooquity it's working process... but i can't reach the page admin (this page....) if i start ubooquity.jar in putty, it's work. but as soon a i close the windows don't working anymore...

if somebody can explain to me why it's not working... thks by advance


Did you solve your issue?  I've been running ubooquity without any issue for a couple of years, if you follow the tutorial, it should be fine; which procedure did you follow? 

Not trying to hi-jack the thread but I'm having the exact same problem. I start Ubooquity from ssh and I get the following response: ubooquity start/running, process 20011 (the process ID changes whenever I start it). But when I try to access the webinterface chrome shows me the "This site can’t be reached" warning, with underneath, ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED.

So I'm guessing the webinterface is up but I can't connect to it. What could be blocking my connection?