CBZs and CBRs with the wrong extension - one step further?

Jim Howe 6 years ago updated 6 years ago 3
Checking the logs, I see during scans that Ubooquity finds many files in my library with the wrong extension and makes a great guess and I assume it writes the correct file type to the database for its reference.

But it seems to have to spend extra cycles whenever it does this in a scan.  Could this be used as an "auto correct" button script and change the extension automatically, or prompt to change all it believes to be the correct format with a line-item veto for the user?

Maybe someone knows a link to a third-party script that can perform this?

Under review
Once a file has been scanned, it is not scanned again unless it has been modified or renammed. So the extra step of guessing the correct file type is done only once by incorrect file.
However, it happens once for each page when reading a comics using the online reader, so it's better to have correctly named files from the beginning (although the guessing step is very very fast).

I will not add a renaming feature to Ubooquity as it would go agains one of its core principles: "do not modify the files of the user", ever. But I have found a small tool that does just that: correcting the extension of CBR/CBZ files (it has a few other useful maintenance related features and is really simple, so it's worth a look).

The tool is ZenCBR.
Fair enough, great policy as to file handling.

Thanks for the link!  I'll give it a shot.  Sounds like it does a lot of things I need, actually.