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Max database size?

jrabb1t 1 year ago updated 1 year ago 2

I think my database hit a size limit.  It's right around 2GB and has not increased in size after adding new files.  The logs show a number of dotNet errors in regards to accessing the database (I can share those when I get access to the PC again).  The website displays the initial Comics/Books page but selecting either option times out.  Is there a way to allow a larger database?

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Max theoritical size for the database file is 4 GB on FAT32 file systems and 4 TB on more modern ones: http://www.h2database.com/html/advanced.html#limits_limitations

But the issue might also lie with the database queries Ubooquity uses, they might be too heavy for really big databases, hard to say.

The logs show a number of dotNet errors

Ubooquity being written in Java, that is weird. ;)

Post the logs anyway, they might tell us a bit more about the issue.

I'd swear the errors referenced dotNet, but I must be confusing it with something from work!  I had deleted the database and the cache before posting the question and it is still rebuilding itself.  Since there shouldn't be a size limit, I will let it complete the rebuild and post an update when it is done.  It's Windows 10 w/NTFS so the limitation wouldn't be with the file system.  Thanks for the quick response Tom.