Icons not showing on front page

TJ2 11 months ago updated 11 months ago 1


I plan on using Ubooquity for pdf files, I'm running it on a NAS (using Unraid, installed via the Unraid Community App).  On the main page, I see buttons for Comics, Books, Raw Files etc.  I click on Books, which takes me to:

That page shows the icons at the top (Search, Random, go up one level, settings) and a single button saying Books, but nothing else, should it also show actual covers of specific titles on that page as well?  Currently the rest of the page is blank.  When I click on the Books link on that page (which links to it then shows me icons for each of the pdfs.  Just seems odd to have that intermediate page (/books/) that doesn't show anything beyond the link to books/1/, is that normal behavior?  Also, works as expected and shows actual icons as I'd expect, but only shows the one link.  Do I need to correct something, or is this by design?  Thanks!

And solved it, apologies for not seeing it before.  For anyone else, on the admin page click to enable the Bypass Single Root Folder option.