Problem for autostart in Raspbian

scartaris 6 years ago updated by Tom 5 years ago 5
Hello world
Thx for Ubooquity marvellous apps.
I have problem for auto-starting from raspbian on my Pi.
If I launch Ubooquity via ssh (root or not) with "./ubooquity.sh start" all is absolute fine.
But if I add script in rc.local, Ubooquity is auto-started but It not listing my Books with accent.
"à é ë" etc. but others (with no accent) are listed normally.
I'm in pain :(
Under review
I think I understand why it happens.
Now I have to find a fix...
If you are still around (it's been 5 months), could you post your rc.local file here, or tell me if you are assigning some locale-related variables in it (like LANG or LC_ALL) ?