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Increase items on page limit

jchasa 9 months ago updated 9 months ago 2

I see there is a 300 item limit (max) to a page.  Could we get this updated to something larger at least a thousand.  Unless there is some specific reason there has to be that max.  I prefer myself to be able to see all my items on one page.

Thanks for the time.

Under review

The main reason to put a limit at 300 was that this setting is changed through a slider in the admin screen.

If the slider allows very big values, most people (who display only a few dozen cover per page) will strugle, as a small move on the slider will increase the value very quickly.

Until a better option is available, you can try to manually edit the configuration file to set the desired value (do it while Ubooquity is stopped, otherwise it will be overwritten).

That works great, Thanks.