External URL with Kuboo + Ubooquity

XTREEMMAK 9 months ago 0


Can't seem to get Kuboo working using an external URL. I'm able to use local IP just fine. My URL is structured as:

https://[mysite]:8050/ubooquity/opds-comics/ which goes through a reverse proxy to

Kuboo does connect to the server fine and I do get the comic list, however when I try to open any comic, it stops at "Loading Bookmarks", then fails saying something went wrong. If I go to the Ubooquity server directly to the comic that I'm requesting via a web browser, everything opens fine as well using the same external URL.

I can get Kuboo to work using the local IP (, but I'd rather not have to us a VPN to use this app, plus I'm trying to set this up for other users to use as well.

Any ideas?