All comics show 0 Pages with New Web Reader

Gyph 5 years ago updated by Tom 4 years ago 9
As described above, all comics in my database show as having 0 pages since the release of the new web viewer.

I am able to load the comic and view the cover page, however, since it detects the file as 0 pages, I am unable to use the next page function. I have attempted to clear my database and rehash, but the same issue occurs.
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Could you try to run Ubooquity in another directory (just for a test), scan a few files and check if you still have the same problem ?
Sorry went through a move recently.

I will test this tonight.

So I stumbled upon this thread, and I too have a simiular situation. I have tried changing the the directory of Ubooquity as well as the directory to the comics in question. Some of the comics have 0 pages. Some are fine.

If you can send me one of the comics that has the problem, I'll take a look at it.

, Ok, either A) I can send you a comic through email unless I can just drop it here in the forum, or B) I can have the server set up and I can send you the public access IP, I am EST.

If the file is not too big (let's say under 10MB), you can try email: tom at vaemendis.net

Otherwise, like you said, you can give me access to your server.

The easiest solution though would probably to upload the file to one a the many free file upload services on the internet.

Whatever became of this problem? I've run into the same issue when trying to use ubooquity and can't for the life of me figure it out.

Oddly enough, If I use challenger Comic app, I can view my comics just fine. But I think this problem is keeping me from using another app I'm interested in trying out.


Update: I've figured out my issue. Capitalizing the extensions as .CBZ/.CBR causes this issue for some strange reason. Changing the extensions to .cbz/.cbr fixes all problems.

Many thanks to Seth Chhim, Author of ComicViewer for ubooquity app, for his help and patience in helping me trouble shoot this problem as I originally came upon the problem when I was attempting to use his app and mistakenly believed the issue was with the app.


Thanks for the information, it allowed me to find and fix the bug.