Don't understand it at all!

melmoth 6 months ago updated by Nathan McKinley-Pace 6 months ago 1

I have downloaded Chunk Comic Reader but when I open the app there is just a big white square and very little else. So I guess I have to download a comic first into it? But there is NOTHING that tells me simply how to do this. I think I have to download Ubooquity to do this , so I do it and then I'm told I've got to install Java 8 which I do, then I'm told I have to install a JDK so I do. But there's is nothing to actually click on to either open ubooquity or really do anything at all! 

Please help - I read the Chunky is the best comoic reader so am loathe to simply bin everything and try something else.

I'll ask a question first, because I'm not sure that you're using the right setup for your use case. Do you have an computer that's on all the time, or at least when you want to read comics? And do you have the ability to change the firewall settings? If not, you'll need that ability or to switch to a different service. Looking at Chunky, you know you can access comics from places like Google Drive, Amazon Cloud Drive, SkyDrive, etc? Those might be a bit easier for you IMO.

I'll give you a quick setup guide anyway, if you decide to stick with it. I'm assuming you're using Windows. If not, IDK what to tell you. It's similar to this one:


1. You need to be able to run Ubooquity. Download it from here if you haven't.


2. Extract it to somewhere that you can access it. Call it folder X.

3. Right click on the .jar file that you extracted, click "open with", there should be an option called "Java Executable" or something like that.

4. Ubooquity should open. Go to the admin screen and choose a password.

5. Click on Comics. Do Add Folder, add the folder where your comics are.

6. Click Save and Restart.

7. Add the port on the left as an exception in your Windows Firewall settings. Use Google for that.

8. Add the port on the left as an exception in your router's settings. Use Google for that.

9: Install DDNS (or no-ip) so that you have a static domain.

10. Add (your domain):(your port)/opds-comics in Chunky.