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Empty page after the scan

Omissam Issed 3 months ago updated by NY152 2 months ago 6

Hi all,

Ubooquity 2.1.0.r2 running on NAS Asustor AS6404 , from admin view the scan of books and comics completed, reading the log with ssh I can see the entries and no errors, but when enter as a user the books and comics are empty, suggestions about how to fix ? The images in the cache are present


Disabling security from the admin page
"Protect shared content with user accounts"

I can see the books and comics

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Did you specifically authorize your user for each folder you shared ?

There isn't difference when the Security is on, both folders (authorized and not authorized) aren't showed, I can see authorized and not authorized only if the security ("Protect shared content with user accounts") is disabled

Seems to be a java acess rights problem : is your share based on an symlink ? 

i had a long time ago the same problem on my old QNAP TS453mini, and the solution was using the "absolute" path.

The symlink path is "/share/Ubooquity" , the absolute path is "/share/CACHEDEV1_Vol/Ubooquity".

Any other non-Java-based application can use the symlink, only Java-based applications cant use it correct..... 

Even the scan runs perfect, but the web interface reader cant display any page from the previous scanned comic/book. 

My "easy" solution : use always absolute path's tho your books / comics if you run an java-based application on linux ;-) 

But you have to rescan your complete collection again....


Yep, enabling the security and use the absolute path on the folder shows the comics, thanks


I have the same error.

The scan goes well but nothing on the pages (except in / files where I see the content as a basic list)

In the Docker image there is no / share folder so the technique of going through this folder is impossible.

Wouldn't it make more sense to change Java's access rights so that it can work normally?