New Implementation - Different Kinds of Strangeness

JeffN1213 2 months ago updated 2 months ago 1

I've installed Ubooquity on a clean Windows Server 2016 virtual machine under VMware ESXi. Java is version 8, Update 251 (Build 1.8.0_251-b08). Content is on a Synology NAS, with SMB/CIFS shares set up. There are no network issues between the Windows server VM and the NAS. There is no antivirus installed on the server other than Windows Defender. (Virus scanning is done at multiple levels elsewhere on the network.) I am using the Plex theme.

I initially indexed a folder containing various magazines that was mapped to the Ubooquity server as M:\. Since I didn't like seeing the drive share as a high-level source on Ubooquity's desktop, I created a folder called Magazines, deleted the M:\ shared folder from U and mapped the Magazines share instead. Fine. Until today, when M:\ reappeared on U's desktop and "Magazines" disappeared.

I have another share mapped called "Books."

Sometimes I see the two mapped shares/sources on U's desktop. Mostly, I see only one. Which one, I cannot predict.

Looking at the Ubooquity admin console, I often see a message stating that the admin console can't reach the Ubooquity server even though they are both on the same machine. The message is transient and usually disappears in a few seconds to a few minutes.

Additional strangeness:

Sometimes the artwork will have disappeared. Indexed magazines with covers appear one day and placeholders the next.

Also, the program has stopped executing now on two occasions. The Java process is still running but not Ubooquity. I have to stop Java and reload Ubooquity to recover.