Just a quick request to add zip and rar on top of cbz and cbr, because cloud backups make changing filetypes a bastard

jkryan 4 years ago updated by Dmitriy Alekseenkoff 2 years ago 1

First off, Ubooquity is fantastic, and I do understand why cbz and cbr are preferred. But the reality of the world is that a lot of people have significant amounts of their comics as zip and rar, and it's not trivial to change them.

Case in point: I do have multiple ways to quickly change all my rars and zips to cbrs and cbzs (scripts, Directory Opus, etc.), but my drives are also backed up in the cloud. If I now go and change the filetype on all of my comics and books, it would mean I'd have to synchronize multiple terabytes of data with the cloud backup. This could take from months to nearly a year in the worst case, it would interfere with keeping more recent changes up to date on the backup, would involve a lot of thrashing of the drives in my DAS, and would be a bit of a hit on the performance of the DAS while it's being done.

From what I can see the other options on my end would be to create copies of these files and rename them, putting them in a folder that's excluded from backups, but since we're talking terabytes of data it's not really a reasonable option...

So yes, while I understand why you prefer to only scan for cbz and cbr, I'd really appreciate it if you could add it as an option for people like me, who would love to use the app but simply can't convert their filenames without causing a huge hassle...

I completely agree . I have a very large librarywhere fb2 books are stored inside zip archivesthey are currently accessed by 2 catalogers 1 - TinyOpds 2 - FreeLib both have a number of drawbacks, but I keep both until I find a universal fb2 publishing OPDS tool. neither of them understand cbr and cbz I wanted to try Ubooquity but I have nowhere to transfer my entire archive at the same time as a bulk rename. I'm sure many people face the same problem. I ask the author to make an option (disabled checkbox) scanning zip archives.