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No responsive css code in any themes, or default

Daniel Hobbs 1 month ago updated by Tom 1 month ago 3

I noticed the default and any made themes seem to vacant of any responsive code for when viewing the website on a mobile device.  Does anyone know of a theme with this?
Or would it be a job of doing ourself?  I am struggling to find where the actual default theme files are..

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The default theme files are embedded in the Ubooquity jar file.

When you create a new them in the administration screen, a copy of the default theme is made in the "theme" folder (with the name you chose), so that you can modify it as you see fit.

See "Create a new theme" on this page:


Thanks! I see now :)
Maybe I was expecting different bits due to being more use to PHP scripts etc.
I see CSS files, which should be enough for me to switch bits up for mobiles.
What would be the best route to knock things into one column for when viewing the websites on mobile?
Would it require editing just homepage css or the comics etc?  I just want it so the covers show up a bit bigger on mobiles.

Amazing work btw, really fantastic and quick setup.

Thanks. :)

I'm not very good with CSS unfortunately.

My advice would be to look for "reponsive design" and "media query" articles on the net, and start from there.

If you just want to have bigger covers though, there is a setting for that in Ubooquity admin screen (but the covers will be bigger in desktop browsers as well).