crashing on Asustor

macstrat 1 month ago updated by Anton Baur 1 month ago 4

I have an asustor 6210t. I recently updated the jar file to 2.1.2 because the original version (2.1.0) wasn't displaying thumbnails. Now it just seems to crash and become unresponsive. I'm having to restart the package multiple times a day. Can this be fixed or would it be more stable on something like a raspberry pi.

I should add, these are some of the errors I'm getting:

20200823 22:32:02 [qtp1515638188-58] ERROR com.ubooquity.d.b - Request not handled (should never happen, this is a bug !): /admin-res/angular-material.min.css
20200823 22:32:22 [qtp1515638188-58] WARN org.eclipse.jetty.server.HttpChannel - /admin-res/angular-material.min.css
java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space
20200823 22:32:22 [qtp1515638188-51] ERROR com.ubooquity.c.a - Could not serve stream with URI: /admin-res/angular.min.js
org.eclipse.jetty.io.EofException: null

I'm also getting memory errors saying it's out of headspace, but there seems to be more than 475mb free

20200823 22:32:22 [qtp1515638188-58] WARN org.eclipse.jetty.server.HttpChannel - Error Dispatch already committed
20200823 22:32:22 [Scanner thread] ERROR com.ubooquity.data.feeder.a
- Failed to insert /volume1/Public/Books/Unsorted/PDF/9780071844581 -
First Aid for the USMLE Step 2 CK, Ninth Edition.pdf
java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space

quote : "I'm also getting memory errors saying it's out of headspace, but there seems to be more than 475mb free 

java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space " 

The "475 MB free RAM" is probably the global free RAM of your NAS, but not the free RAM for the JAVA Runtime. 

A quick look into the FAQ shows the following topic : 


If qou dont reserve 512 MB RAM as java head space, this error may occur.... 

Add the parameter provided in the FAQ Link on your Ubooquity-startup-script, and it may runs 4erver  ... 

Hope that helps ! 

best regards


thanks for the reply. After squirelling around In the pavkage, I decided to shift it over to my plex server, as there was no way that I could see to change the launch arguements. The asustor package is over 3 years old at this point, and with updates to the system, etc. It looked like it was just too out of date to properly run. There were too many things erroring out. I did allocate it 2gb of ram and after switching boxes, its like a whole new program

glad to help you (by "no directly help" ) - performing a platform change is quite the hardest way, but mostly it helps ;-) .
my Ubooquity here runs a long time on a windows 7 machine before i moved it on my QNAP - and here it runs now nearly 6 (!) years with almost 60-70 users ( i host for our club a private platform for old car repair manuals - page scans as CBZ or PDF-Files)