Ubooquity and Calibre

steve1977 3 weeks ago 0

I have been using Ubooquity with Comics in the past, which is working very well.

I now like to expand to magazines (see separate feature request) and ebooks. My ebooks are nicely stored within a Calibre library. I am facing a few issues, which are likely user mistakes (or maybe feauture requests):

1) Display title - my ebooks are perfectly tagged via Calibre and all have a nice title page in Calibre. Unfortunately, this doesn't show via Ubooquity, but instead Ubooquity seems to show something else (maybe the first page of the file or the original title before tagging?). Possible to have Ubooquity show the title photo that Calibre shows / added?

2) Duplicate ebooks - My Calibre library includes for some books several formats (e.g., epub and pdf). They are in the same folder and calibre only displays them once. Unfortunately, ubooquity shows them twice (even with different book names). Any idea how to change this?

3) Sort by series instead of author - found out that this is not yet supported. Have added to an existing feauture request.

Thanks again for all the development. This is excellent!