Scanning the files is awfully slow .Is there a solution?

TKnight 3 years ago updated by Carsten Albrecht 3 years ago 3

I installed Ubooquity from linuxserver docker on a Raspberry Pi 3b+, OMV5.

It has been scanning the files for a few days. It's awfully slow, often stuck on the same file for hours. There are like 30-40 pdf and like 40 cbr files at most.  I had to stop the docker, it was slowing down the Rp.

Is this a known problem?

I have a similar problem, maybe not as severe, on same hardware. My collection is much bigger, consisting mainly of epub and mobi with a few pdf's. I've noticed the epubs fly by, the mobi's pause for a second or two while the pdf's take ages per file.

pdf are awfull... try to convert them?  I used to have a similar problem, and never had it again when I converted them

Epub and .mobi are more or less zip files, like .cbz. The title page regularly is stored as an image inside, so it is easy for the server to pick it up and create a thumbnail. PDFs instead are commonly not simply image containers, so the server needs to proceed a totally different algorithm to get the title page for thumbnail creation. This it the main reason which makes PDFs so painfully slow for indexing purposes.