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Elouan 4 years ago updated by Stefan Eysermans 4 years ago 1

I’ve setup my ubooquity on a synology ansd using a reverseproxy to redirect https ports (443) to obqootuity server. 
it’s all working fine except for reader for books;

The reader for comics  is fine, navigating the server is fine, but the reader for books is broken

the problems seems to be the url: all pages, including reader for comics start with https://... but the reader for books starts with nothing : the url starts with ubooquity... (the url without https:// )

hallo elouan

I have included X-SSL = on by custom header by Proxy rules. 

click on create



on This site you can see the Steps I follow. After step 2 you can find it.

I hope it Will help.