Ubooquity for "Bandes Dessinées"

wisbit 3 years ago updated by Elouan 3 years ago 4

Hey everyone,

(Ubooquity on Debian Buster)

Dunno if there are lots of French users here.
The world of French language graphic novels is slightly different then that of anglo-saxon comics. No Marvels or Dc.

Therefore Comic Vine for metadata is a no no.

I am trying to wrap my head around tagging my files / making comicinfo.xml files, but it's a daunting tasks (1500 ish different series) I'd love to get more from Ubooquity than just file names ...

Anyone with any ideas, advice for 
- French language graphic Novels tagging / metadata scrapping ?
- ComicInfo.xml file creator ? (looked into comicrack but it' windows only (and it can't be used with wine, and I am not going to create a VM just for that)

Any information is welcome !!




I use Ubooquity for a 1500+ french BD library and I share your struggle ! As you said there is no simple way to do it with available softwares.

The solution I choose was doing my own script which :

  1. Parse the filename
  2. Scrap bedetheque(.)com (finetune name-matching)
  3. Generate a ComicInfo.xml
  4. Repack archive in a clean cbz file including the xml
  5. Trigger an Ubooquity database update

It's a lot of work, but still quicker than tagging it manually.


Hey Unic, thanks for your reply.
It does sound like a lot of work.
I read about a scrapper for bedetheque(.)com, planning on looking into that, but if you've already made a script, would you agree to share it ?



pour ma part, j'utilise ComicRack en conjonction avec le plugin 'Bedegest' scrapper' . Ca scrappe le catalogue bedetheque sans problème, ca récupère des tas d'infos et ca génère le xml (je crois même que cComicInfo.xml provient de comicrack originellement) 

ça fait des merveilles depuis toujours. Malheureusement ComicRack n'est plus développé et le site est par terre: tu auras peut etre du mal à mettre la main dessus, mais ca vaut le coup de chercher tout çà

ha! autre chose: le plugin bedetheque' scrapper est open source, donc je te recommande de partir de là et de développer une UI autour qui te permettrait de te passer de comicrack (j'y ai pensé plusieurs fois depuis que comickrack a été abandonné, mais c'est vraiment trop bien: je m'en passe pas)